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Despite country wide government policies to promote awareness about UK asbestos, there are still many who remain unaware of the risks it poses. I will now outline exactly what it is and why should you find it in your home you need to contact a company that specialises in its management and removal as soon as possible.

What exactly is UK Asbestos?

Despite the fact that its name is well known around the UK, the exact nature of both the material itself and the risk it possesses are sadly not such common knowledge. A simple definition of asbestos is that it is a common name for six naturally occurring materials that are found in certain rock formations. More scientifically it is a mineral compound that largely consists of oxygen, hydrogen and silicone. Before asbestos found its way into various buildings, it was both mined and processed. It was processed into incredibly thin fibres. These fibres were then mixed with materials allowing it to be bound together and used for a variety of purposes.

What exactly are the dangers of UK Asbestos?

If asbestos is undisturbed, it in fact poses minimal risk. Should it become disturbed however, tiny particles can float into the air. They are both invisible to the naked eye and to make it worse they are easily light enough to remain in the air unnoticed for hours after the asbestos was disturbed. It is here that the danger lies as should these fibres be inhaled they can lead to various fatal diseases including mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Why was UK asbestos so commonly used in the past?

The illnesses that are caused by exposure to asbestos were not known simply because even those that were exposed didn't know that they were ill, never mind that they were ill because of asbestos. The illnesses can take years even decades before they present themselves as such most people that die from asbestos poisoning in the present were infected as far back as the fifties. Without the danger being known, all that was left was an incredibly useful material. Asbestos is incredibly durable and is resistant to many things that buildings need protection from such as corrosion, noise, electricity and most importantly temperature. It is an incredibly good insulator.

What should I do if I discover Asbestos in my home?

The first thing that you need to do is leave it where it is. As stated above, it is only through disturbing it that the particles can get into the air. It is therefore necessary to contact a company that specialises in asbestos management and removal. It is also worth noting that removal is often considered a last resort so it may be possible to leave it where it is and just take measures to ensure that it cannot be disturbed in the future.

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