Asbestos Awareness

Interest in the dangers posed by undiscovered and suddenly disturbed asbestos remains as high as ever in recent years and it is no wonder considering the yearly death toll in the UK remains over three thousand. There have been various government policies to increase asbestos awareness however the message still remains unheard by many. Though almost everyone knows its not exactly something that increase the value of your home, few people are aware of just how deadly it can be or exactly what they should do should they be unlucky enough to find it in their home. I will now outline the most important things that you should know about the substance.

What is Asbestos?

For a start, without getting overly scientific as personally I think people tend to switch off when they hear scientific terms and I feel that taking the approach of scientific explanation never really increases public awareness and that asbestos awareness is no exception. Therefore asbestos is simply a mineral that is found in certain rock formations. For years it was mined and subsequently processed by dividing it into very small layers. It was then combined with other materials so that it could be put back together to form solid shapes suitable for various applications within the construction industry. It had and still has specific advantages. It is incredibly durable and strong, it is also a fantastic insulator, not just for heat either, it is actually very difficult for anything to pass through it including electricity and sound. It can also be used to protect against corrosion and even vermin.

Why is Asbestos so Dangerous?

Though it was used for many years due to the above described advantages, eventually the discovery was made that if disturbed small particles of asbestos can float into the air. They are both small enough to remain unseen and light enough to continue floating unnoticed for many hours after first becoming airborne. These tiny particles can be deadly if inhaled. The reason that it took so long for this discovery to be made is because the illnesses that they cause do not actually develop for years, even decades after exposure. Some of the three thousand people that die in the UK every year from exposure were exposed as far back as the fifties. The diseases that are causing most of these deaths are mesothelioma and lung cancer, both of which can easily be caused by this deadly substance.

What should I do if I find Asbestos in my home?

Now when people first read this information or when they just happen to discover the stuff in their home, the first thing that enters there head is to get it out of their homes. And this is why asbestos awareness is so important because this initial idea is actually completely wrong. Asbestos that is undisturbed cannot actually damage your health, however it's when you try to break it up in order to move it, that the particles can come off and be inhaled. Therefore if only one aspect of asbestos awareness remains in your mind after reading this article, make sure it is that upon discovering asbestos do not attempt to handle it yourself, call companies that specialise in dealing with it. Attempting to do it yourself sadly could prove fatal.


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