Asbestos Removers

If you think that you may be in need of the services of asbestos removers, you probably have quite a few questions that you need answers to. The majority of people that contact asbestos removers know very little about asbestos other than that it is dangerous and that they want it out of their home. After all it's not really an every day occurrence that you realize that there is a hazardous material in your home. Most people usually have the same questions on their minds however when contacting these companies and I will now outline the answers to them.

How serious is Asbestos?

A simple internet search will undoubtedly leave you in no doubt about how much you do not want the material in your home. It is estimated that around 3,000 people die each year as a result of asbestos exposure. The diseases that it causes are incurable and fatal and they include both mesothelioma and lung cancer. Another pretty terrifying statistic is that each week eight electricians and four plumbers die from asbestos exposure.


How common is Asbestos in UK buildings?

Asbestos is capable of being found in any home that was built prior to the year 2000 as though there were regulations before this date; the use of it in construction was not banned for absolutely all purpose until 1999. Many people wonder why it was allowed for so long. The reason is simply that people did not know. It took a long time for anyone to actually get sick from exposure and without considering its fatal nature, it is an incredibly useful material for the construction of buildings. It is both incredibly durable and a great insulator of heat. It is also fire retardant and as well as preventing the transfer of heat both noise and electricity and even rodents can not easily pass through it.

Why should I call asbestos removers, can’t I do it myself?

This is probably the primary point that all people should know when it comes to asbestos. Exposure can only occur if the asbestos is disturbed and particles break off and become airborne. If the asbestos is compact and not damaged, exposure is impossible. Therefore if it is found in a home, attempting to remove it yourself is one of the most stupid things that you could possibly do as it is possible that the asbestos could only become a problem due to the fact that you attempted to remove it. Unless you are an expert you need to call professional asbestos removers.

Should I still call asbestos removers even if I’m not sure that its asbestos?

If you suspect that asbestos is in your home but you are not sure, it really is not a risk that you want to take. You will usually be advised over the phone as to whether or not it is asbestos but even if you describe it and are told it is asbestos only for it to turn out that it is not, many people would argue that the peace of mind is worth the call out charge alone.

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