Asbestos Surveyors

If you are considering contacting asbestos surveyors but are wondering whether it is truly necessary, there are a few facts that you need to be aware of. The strange thing about asbestos is that almost everyone knows what it is, is fully aware that it is a bad thing but yet are not aware of why it is a bad thing, how serious the threat is or of exactly how it should be handled should it be discovered. Sadly history has proven that just knowing that something is harmful is not enough to protect people from its dangers.

Why you Need to Contact Asbestos Surveyors

Most people's first instinct upon seeing what they believe to be asbestos in their home is to want to throw it out but this is actually incredibly dangerous and the reason for this is that if undisturbed it is actually relatively safe. It is only when disturbed that chemicals are released into the air and should these chemicals get inside you, you can be in pretty big trouble. Therefore it is essential that should you find it in your home you contact asbestos surveyors immediately.

The Seriousness of Asbestos

There are some pretty incredibly statistics about just how fatal the material can be and that is just in the UK alone. It is estimated that every year in the UK, there are around three thousand people dieing from diseases such as lung cancer in which the cause was exposure to asbestos. Though there are now many regulations that need to be followed by employers ensuring that any asbestos on the premises is removed or managed, in the past this was simply not the case as nobody was aware of how harmful the material could be. It was simply considered a useful, durable and inflammable building material. It is predicted that those dieing today were likely to have been exposed during the fifties, sixties and seventies.

The Likelihood that Asbestos is in your Home

When considering the likelihood of whether what you think is asbestos actually is asbestos, it is necessary to consider not just what you think you have found it on but when that thing was manufactured. Ceiling and floor tiles are capable of containing asbestos but only if they were build before 1981. Cement sheet roofing, particularly in industrial buildings could contain asbestos even if they were made a little bit after that. On the other hand asbestos was used in cement all the way up until 1999.

What Asbestos Surveyors can do for you

Asbestos surveyors can confirm whether or not what you have found is in fact asbestos. They can then inform you of the best thing to do whether that be management or removal. Removal is often considered a last resort considering the danger involved. It is nowhere near as dangerous as trying to solve the problem yourself however. I therefore thoroughly recommend that should you discover asbestos you contact asbestos surveyors as soon as possible.

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