Asbestos Training

Should you be considering embarking upon asbestos training, it is a very good idea to ensure that you are aware of both exactly what asbestos actually is and how dangerous it can be. I will now outline just what it is, why it is so dangerous and why there remains such a large demand for those who have had sufficient asbestos training to deal with it.

What exactly is asbestos?

The actual term asbestos refers to six different minerals that are naturally occurring, not actually man made as some people believe, and they are found in certain rock formations. The minerals consist of a compound that is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, silicon and a few metal cations. Though there are indeed six different types, the most commonly used in building materials and therefore the ones that have caused the most deaths are amosite, chrysotile and crocidolite.

How dangerous is asbestos?

When asbestos is processed for use in buildings, it is separated into incredibly thin fibers. What nobody knew for many years is that these thin fibers are capable of disintegrating allowing particles to break off and enter the air. These particles are pretty much invisible to the naked eye. And not only that because they are so tiny and light, they are capable of remaining in the air for hours. If these particles are subsequently inhaled they can be fatal. They can cause mesothelioma, lung cancer and other incurable diseases. It is estimated that around 3000 deaths a year can be linked to asbestos exposure and this is within the UK alone.

Why is there such demand for employees who have successfully completed asbestos training?

The reason that there is so much demand for those who have undergone asbestos training is that there remains large amounts of asbestos in UK buildings and therefore there is a lot of demand for both asbestos removal and management. There are many companies throughout the UK who specialize in the service and they are all looking to hire those who are trained to provide this service.

Why is there still so much Asbestos in the UK?

You may wonder why it took so long for anyone to figure out the danger of asbestos. Surprisingly this was not actually down to negligence on anyone's part and if it was it was the international kind. The reason this discovery took so long was because it takes between fifteen and forty years before initial exposure actually leads to the development of illness. Nobody figured out it was dangerous until the proportion of people developing mesothelioma was discovered to be far higher in people who had worked with it.

In conclusion, if you are considering undergoing asbestos training to work for an asbestos removal company, you need to be aware of how dangerous the substance is. Of course provided all the training is understood and all the safety regulations are thoroughly followed while working you should theoretically be perfectly safe. It is still simply not a job that should be entered into lightly however.

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