HSE Asbestos

If you are a commercial building owner or even a home owner and it contains asbestos you are undeniably putting peoples lives at risk. If you spot asbestos you must not try to remove it yourself without thinking. It is the action of actually disturbing it that releases the harmful chemicals into the air. There is also the fact that provided it is in good condition, it may not even need to be removed as it may be safer just to have it professionally managed. If you think you may have asbestos in your building, I will now outline just what it is, how serious it is and what you need to do about it.

What exactly is asbestos?

Though there are three different types of asbestos that were generally used in building materials, there are actually six different types overall. All six types are naturally occurring and consist of a complex compound of hydrogen, oxygen, silicon and metal cations. Those that have caused the most fatalities due to their common use in the past are called crocidolite, amosite and chrysotile.


Why is asbestos so dangerous?

The reason that it is so easy to be harmed by these materials is that when they are actually mined and processed, they are divided into very tiny pieces and then bound together again to form various solid structures. If the solid structure is disturbed however, it is very likely that some of those tiny pieces will get into the air. They are pretty much invisible to the naked eye and as well as that due to their size, they are more than capable of staying there floating around for hours. If they are then breathed in, they can be fatal.

What are the current HSE Asbestos statistics regarding fatalities?

In the UK alone, HSE asbestos statistics include an alarming estimate that three thousand people die each year due to illnesses that have been caused by asbestos. Another HSE asbestos statistic that has been heavily reported in the media is that on average four plumbers and eight electricians die from asbestos exposure every week.

What do HSE Asbestos regulations require that I do should I find asbestos?

HSE Asbestos regulations require that you contact a company who can professionally assess the situation. There are many companies all around the UK that are experts at testing for asbestos, if you even just search the internet for HSE asbestos, they will be able to offer you a list of suitable companies.

In conclusion, the evidence is there that unmanaged asbestos can be fatal. If you are a building owner the responsibility lies with you to deal with any asbestos that is found on the premises. According to HSE asbestos regulations, if you do not adequately react to the situation you are breaking the law.



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