Should you spot asbestos in your home there is a number of things that you need to be aware, the most important of which is what to do and more specifically what not to do. Of course the first idea that enters anybodies head upon spotting something dangerous in their home is to get it the hell out of there. However in order for asbestos to actually be dangerous to those in its immediate vicinity, it first needs to be disturbed. If left alone and not moved it cannot actually cause anyone any harm. Therefore before doing anything, make sure you get your facts right and good place to start is this article.

Why is Asbestos such a Problem?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in various rock formations around the world. Before it finds its way into any building, it is mined and processed. It is turned into a useful building material by separating it into incredibly thin fibres. It is then mixed with other materials so that it can be bound back together into whatever shape is required for its particular application. Now left like this, it is harmless. However, if it is disturbed, very small particles can be released into the air. They are invisible to the human eye, light enough to float for hours and deadly if inhaled.

Why was Asbestos so commonly used in the past?

You may wonder why the hell there are so many buildings in the UK that were manufactured with the stuff and the reason is simple. Exposure to these small particles does not actually make you ill immediately and those that are dieing from exposure today were actually exposed decades before. Therefore nobody was aware of the dangers that asbestos posed and so decided to use it based solely on the knowledge of its positive properties. It is a highly useful material that is both incredibly strong and durable and it is both flame proof and a fantastic insulator as it is very difficult for heat to pass through it. It was therefore an incredibly popular manufacturing material during a time when many buildings in the UK were built.

What should I do if I find Asbestos in my home?

It is possible for any home that was built prior to the year 2000 to contain asbestos. If you are reading this article after having found the stuff in your home, you have every right to be a little bit freaked out. The most important advice anyone will give you is to leave it as it is, do not disturb it and contact a company that specializes in asbestos management and removal. Due the commonness of the problem there are many companies that specialize in dealing with it. Removing it is often considered the last measure due to the risk involved so you may find that it can be left where it is and just protected from disturbance. Such companies will also offer to check the air to ensure that no particles have already entered your homes air.

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