Jobs in Asbestos

The most common job within the jobs in asbestos category is that of an asbestos abatement technician. I will now outline just what the job entails. An asbestos abatement technician as also known as an asbestos removal technician and as the name implies is primarily employed to assist in the safe removal of asbestos contaminated materials from buildings. As you are likely to be aware asbestos is both an extremely hazardous material and one that is commonly found in UK buildings including but not limited to pipes, ceiling tiles and wall insulation. It is worth noting at this stage however that an asbestos abatement technician will not automatically be called in every time asbestos is found. Asbestos removal is often considered the last resort due to the danger involved. As such often when asbestos is found it is simply contained in accordance with various strict governmental regulations.

How jobs in asbestos are made more safe

Should an asbestos abatement technician actually be employed to remove asbestos from a building, strict procedures will need to be followed in ordered to ensure both the safety of the technician and those present at the time of the removal. As such an asbestos abatement technician is required to have been thoroughly trained in the means of safe asbestos removal. Anyone involved in the removal is of course required to wear disposable protective gear that covers the entire body, breathing is performed through masks that have been designed to protect against asbestos particles.

How asbestos is removed

The first step is generally to put up a series of enclosures and scaffolds. The primary method used in order to actually remove the asbestos is known as the wet method. This involves covering the asbestos in a mixture of water and some form of wetting agent. The idea is that this agent will then prevent too many particles from coming off of the asbestos as it is removed. The removal is then performed using a variety of hand tools including scrapers and guns that spray various chemicals at high rates of both speed and pressure. As this is being done an air monitor is used at all times to ensure that the particles that do enter the air are kept to a minimum and that they are safely kept within the containment area within which everyone is wearing protective clothing.

The danger of jobs in asbestos

Provided the necessary training has been obtained and all regulations and procedures are rigorously followed jobs in asbestos are not overly hazardous to your health. However it is important to remember that absolutely any of the jobs in asbestos removal do possess some risk. Jobs in asbestos by their very nature entail dealing with a very hazardous and potentially fatal material; they are therefore not something that should be entered into lightly. There is also the fact that asbestos is often found in relatively high areas so the traditional risks of working on scaffolding all day also apply. Should you be willing to accept these risks however, you can expect to earn between 23,000 and 61,000 dollars depending on your level of experience. You will also be present in an industry that shows no signs of decline.

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